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Månadens affärscitat - Inspiring Business Quote

"Five ways to harness the power of purpose. Lose the lofty statements, and instead explain what you provide to your customers and why it matters. 1.Make creating your purpose a strategic exercise not a communication exercise. Simply put, strategy starts with purpose.        2.Focus on how you earn money, rather than how you spend it. Leaders need to do the hard work of unpacking how the organization creates impact. 3.Identify your special power, and build your purpose around it. 'What critical role do we play for our customers' and 'What would happen if we disappear?' 4.In multiple-business-unit organizations make sure purpose goes beyond a single unit. Leaders need to work with each unit leader to clearly articulate how their unit makes its money and why that matters. 5.Board need to do more to hold leaders accountable on the topic of purpose. They need to be boldly honest about how their organization will shape its customers future - and how employees can make that future a reality."  

By Sally Blount and Paul Leinwand, in strategy + business magazine July 18 2023. Sally Blount is Professor of Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Paul Leinwand is Global Managing Director of capabilities-driven strategy and growth for Strategy&, PwCs strategy consulting group.