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Månadens affärscitat - Inspiring Business Quote

"The leader's secret weapon: Listening. Great leaders are invariably intent listeners, but they still need to make the practice a priority. Listen and learn first is a consistent piece of advice. The second reason that listening is such a crucial skill for leaders is that the higher up in the organization they go, the more likely they are to get trapped in a bubble. People want to manage them and work their own personal agendas. So listening becomes a kind of radar that leaders must use to sense not only what people are telling them, but also what their body language suggests they are keeping to themselves. For senior executives being an effective listener is crucial for hearing both good ideas and bad news. Without knowledge of each, leaders may find their tenures short-lived. But for those who do it well, listening truly is a superpower."  

By Adam Bryant, in strategy + business magazine April 27 2023. Mr Bryant is senior managing director of the ExCo Group, a leadership development and executive mentoring firm. His next book "The leap to Leader: How ambitious Managers Make the Jump to Leadership" will be published in July 2023 by Harvard Business Review Press.