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Månadens affärscitat - Inspiring Business Quote

"In a data-led world, intuition still matters. Data needs people just as much as people needs data. So how can managers use the torrent of data available to them to make the best decisions? That is the timely subject of Decisions over Decimals, a concise guide to decision-making in the age of analytics. The challenge in today's world is not the lack of information but the judgement to use it. Data-based decision-making is unavoidable, but it comes with risks. What business leaders need, the authors argue, are techniques for combining good data with their own good judgement. Successful decision-makers they go on to tell us "balance data, experience and intuition". They quickly sort through information, apply judgement, and are fierce interrogators of data to cultivate sharp insights. They know there is more to decision-making than just the data. They resist being intoxicated by information. You should too."  

By Daniel Akst, in strategy + business magazine November 17 2022. He is a business writer, author and novelist based in New York's Hudson Valley. His books include "Temptation: Finding Self-Control in an Age of Excess".